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This is another story with this amazing dog.


Hello again

Today I will share a little more about myself.

Like for starters, my name is Baxter.

I'm originally from England but moved last year to Cali.

What about me? Are you gonna talk about me?

Sure, why not.

But later.

Anyways lets talk about me.

I am head of the other dogs in California.

There are other head dogs all over the country.

Here is a list of few...

This is Bailey.




And Piper

Being head is like being the mayor of a State.

But, um, not really....

I have my own person.

Her name is Lin.

That dog she is holding is not hers.

She just likes touching things.

My favorite hobbies are:

Chasing things

Playing fetch

Chatting with Love

And like every other dog activity there is.

I am currently a bachelor if anyone wants to know.

Now Loves turn.

Oh well...

I am a girl pit bull who's name is Love.

Well actually Baxter always called me Love so I decided to change my name to Love.

I am not from California but Florida.

I meet Baxter at an International Dog's Meeting.

After that I moved to California to work with Baxter.

I love playing with sticks and...

I'm sorry Love but that is all the time we have for today.

No worries.

Thank you for watching and I'll keep you all posted.

Lets go Love.

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