Wouldn't it be cool if you could give your own TED Talk?

PIFstersCommunity member
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Of TED talks, Reddit AMAs, and PIF.

Wouldn't it be cool if you could give your own TED Talk?

That'd be pretty cool. She be pretty. ;)

But no one else gets to participate! *yawn*

That's great - if you're the world's biggest narcissist.

Maybe you could host an AMA on Reddit instead?

Yea, that'd be more interactive and fun!

But it's all text. Text text text text. You get the idea.

Well, now you can have the best of both worlds... on PIF

PIF helps you tell your story with Video Q&As

Just like hosting your very own interview!

It's easy. Just create a quick PIF profile and share it.


Get notified when friends and users ask you Qs in text

Respond to the Qs of your choice in video clips (< 30 sec)

Selfie videos - fun, personal, dynamic, engaging!

Build your personal Video AMA profile as you respond to Qs!

Tell your story anytime, anywhere, any way you want.

Share your PIF profile and Video responses with everybody!

Get discovered, build your following, and connect with people!

Host your very own interview today! www.letspif.com

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