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I do not love my hair this much. (someones going to hate me saying that) Anyways this is about life with hair. The end is veeeeerrrryyy dark! If you want a good ending stop at PG 16!


Hair, so beautiful,

Silky smooth to the touch,

Brush it everyday,

So the dreadful tangles will go away,

Tie a bow around,

So everyone sees how smooth and superior it is,

Add colors because then it will be better,

Then you friends will be mesmerized for an extra second,

Spend hundreds of dollars on it,

But grow old,

And the hair falls out,

You put on a hat to hide it away,

You fear that they will scorn you when they see,

But they don't,

They just shrug,

Why would they do that?

You eventually have a child,

You watch as they have lots and lots of hair,

You enviously stroke they're beautiful locks,

When the child is fourteen,

You grab her head and cut the locks off,

The child runs away to a friends house,

The police come and arrest you,

But you don't care,

You have the hair,

You will be beautiful again,

But years past and you never leave your cell,


You just wanted to be beautiful.

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