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I am doing another series, why? Because I like the last one. This will be a bunch of letters. The first one is called Dearest Linda, the second one (this one) is called Dear Tabitha

Dear Tabitha

Dear Tabitha

Its been so long since we talked,

I'm so exhausted,

I love writing online,

I think its easier to do something with anonymity than with everyone knowing who you are,

Sometimes I feel like a pencil,

If you press to hard then I'll break,

But when you sharpen me I'll slowly dwindle away,

I look at myself,

And everyday I say I look nice,

Doesn't matter if thats true or not,

Because I live in constant fear that I will doubt myself,

That I will find myself lacking,

That I'll become to embroiled in my looks,

That they will think I'm weak,

Or even that I'll inadvertently insult someone.

So thats why I don't where shorts,

I'm worried that I'll loose my dignity,

That I'll look petty or like a Barbie doll,

Its not shunned,

Its just that, Tabitha, a lot have things have changed since we last met,

I liked this one boy,

But he was to intimidated to talk to me,

Then he fell in love with a pretty girl,

She dumped him,

He cried on my shoulder,

But I wasn't sure he liked me.

Anyways his name is Jack.

He just got married with the pretty girl.

He wants me to go to his wedding,

I don't know what to do,

I am literally crying.

We haven't talked in years,

But I also don't know why I'm crying.

I'm dating this amazing boy named John.

He isn't handsome,

But he has a big heart,

Sometimes we'll go hiking together,

I honestly love him.

But I still have a problem,

What do I do with Jack?


Sincerely, Linda

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