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Part three, THE PLOT THICKENS (I feel so cool) Anyways, so there is probably going to be one between John and Brett so thats cool.

Dear John

From Tabitha

Dear John,

Its your sister, Tabitha,

I was talking to Linda,

She seemed sad,

You her fiance,

If you were here I'd hit you,

I'd yell at you for hurting my best friend,

I'd swear you to hell,

But your not here anymore,

Your across the sea,



I'm proud of you.

Just kidding,

I'm not,

You are so selfish,

How could the most kind hearted and well meaning girl in the world hurt?


But I'm not across the sea,

I'm not,

You didn't tell me that you were with Linda,

You keep pushing me away

When I tried to cope with all of the problems,

When I found out Mom died,

You didn't come,

I arranged the funeral,

I sent the emails and paid the bills,

When Dad died,

You didn't do anything.

You just kept working,

You didn't attend the funeral,

You just shut me out!

When I had my own problems,

And you keep ruining my life!

Your secrets keep showing themselves,

So you know what?

A month ago I'd keep begging for you to come back,

For you to be family,

But you aren't.

You are not family,

Because you just don't care.

And you know what else I found out?


I am so disappointed!

How could you?

How could you talk to Brett?

Why is she your secretary?

She is married to Linda's ex!

So yeah,

At this point I don't even care.

At this point the best thing you can do is leave,

Linda is my best friend.

You are a stranger.

Linda doesn't know I'm your sister,

And you seem to love her,

But if you really love her,

If you treasure her more than life itself,

Then you'll do whats right and leave.

She doesn't need trouble.

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