A wave of goodbye
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Inspired by @bruisedmelodies (who is really are talented) One of their stories caught my eye. I thought it was AMAZING so I'm going to write something like it!

A wave of goodbye

I am floating with you Into the air, Out of the dark.

Some say beauty is perfection, But I say their wrong, Because of you.

You were perfect, But then the world came crashing down on you.

You built yourself up, You have scars to show for it, Some say its ugly but no matter what I'll be beside you.

I'll lean on you, I'll treasure you for the goddess you are,

I'll worship the ground you walk,

But I know no matter how much I try, I'll never be enough.

You are to good, To nice, To kind,

To be with me, Because you will one day love another man,

You will one day find someone worthy of your love,

He will treasure every moment with you,

He will smile when your eyes sparkle like the moon itself.


But he will never love you as much as me.

Even as I know that you can't love a guy like me.

You need a hero,

Not a liability.

So here is a quick goodbye.

So here is a sorry,

I am sorry I will not be there when you graduate.

I am sorry I will not be there when you have children.

I am sorry I will not be there to ask for your hand,

I am sorry that we were never a thing.

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