The Photographer
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I wonder what was going through his head, I wonder if we would’ve been friends.

Part 1

The Photographer

It was in the museum, the section with all of the unnamed photos, by unknown photographers. This picture was of a photographer, an amateur perhaps?

Quite handsome despite his dirty face and tattered clothes. Looks like he's been through a lot. He's probably had an interesting life. He looks happy, yet hurting.

"Come on, let's go!" Calls my impatient family.

"Coming!" I say, just so that I can stay a bit longer.

It's like I'm being pulled in, by my curiosity, to explore all of the "what ifs" of this stranger's life. I wish I could get to know him. Know who he was.

I'm sure he never thought anyone would find him so fascinating. I wonder what he was thinking about during this picture.

Maybe he did think that in the future, someone like me would be looking at him, wondering who he was. I wonder if we would've been good friends. I wonder...


"OK, all done, you can pick up the pictures when you get back. Have a great trip!

What in the world is happening?

"Frank? Frank you can move now."

"Yeah, uh, sorry."

"You better hurry up or you'll miss your train, you're in for an earful with John, you know how much he hates to be late.

Is something wrong? You're acting like you have no idea what I'm talking about."

That's because I don't! What do I do now?! I have no idea where the train station is, I can't NOT go, this could be extremely important. I can't let John down.

"Oh, I'm just a bit nervous. I stayed up all night thinking about it. But I'm alright.

What do you think would be the shortest path there?

The best way I know of would be to through Jackson street until you reach the butcher shop, you take a left there, which will lead you to Cobblestone lane, and you know the rest of the way."



"Well, I guess I ought to start heading that way"


Please close the door, please don't watch me leave."


Yup, he's gonna watch me 'till I'm out of sight.

"Straight ahead until I get to the butcher shop?"

I ask, hoping to get more of a hint as to where I should be going."

He nods and replies,

"Straight ahead."

Well, I hope I'm going the right way. I just went towards the road that looked the most like it led to a butcher shop, lots of people.

I feel like It's my mission to get to the train station on time. But I keep on getting distracted.

It's like I'm in a whole new world, I hope people don't think I'm weird for looking at everything around me. I hope that I'm not acting too differently than how Frank usually acts.

What am I doing? I'm losing time! Butcher shop, butcher shop.

"Excuse me, where's the butcher shop?"

"Where it always is ya ding bat!"

Great, I must know these people, at least most of them. This is gonna make things difficult.

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