Flowers or Weeds?
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Flowers or Weeds?

Most gardeners consider anything they didn't sow a threat to the plants they worked so hard to grow.

My father despises sunflowers, he spent hot summer days chopping them down from a farmer's field for little pay.

Some people will poison the dandelions in their yard,

I like to wait for them to turn white and fluffy, so that I can blow the florets into the breeze.

I admire black-eyed susans just as much as a rosebush.

I enjoy wildflowers; they're like undeserved prizes. Sure, they may not smell as sweet, but their colors are just as alluring.

I've always loved making bouquets of them during the spring and summer months.

I would fill an old soda bottle or jar with water, stick them in, and place them on the table.

Are wildflowers really weeds? It depends on how you define beauty, and what you treasure.

To a child even a leaf or a rock is worth picking up, because each one is lovely and unique in some form.

If you appreciate the existence of these unearned gifts, then wildflowers are definitely, flowers.

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