Silly Willy Ding Dong
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phoneixrafferty Community member
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Please read my silly willy ding dong poem

**Warning you might laugh a whole lot :))

Silly Willy Ding Dong

I wrote a silly poem just for you

Everything I write is true

So please keep reading

As I keep repeating

A silly willy ding dong poem to you

ooh ooh ooh

silly willy ding dong

billy bob hit a gong

ooh ooh ooh

a cat laid on a mat

it ate a rat and got too fat

ooh ooh ooh

silly sally

went to a rally

and cheered too much

she went and fell, down, a hill,

and now shes using a crutch

you continue to read

i see i see

so please allow me to continue to write

i promise im just an author

i simply do not bite

i understand my grammar is not the best

but at least its not all up west

i really try

do or die

to write a silly poem

just to show em

oohh ooh ooh

lets see lets see

what about me

my name is lee

i went to a house

wearing a blouse

now im stung by a bee

then theirs hen

whose mom gave her 10$

but then she spent it all on one bin

ooh ooh ooh

silly willy ding dong

this poem is getting kinda long

ooh ooh ooh

do you know what really silly

that will make you laugh a willy

how bad i truly am at writing

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