Accidentally Became Good ~Drarry (Pt.1)
Accidentally Became Good ~Drarry (Pt.1) drarry stories
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Draco started an 'Anti-Bullying Campaign' as a joke but now everyone is taking him seriously.
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Accidentally Became Good ~Drarry (Pt.1)

*8th Year*

Draco Malfoy's POV~

I was sitting with Pansy and Blaise in the Slytherin common room when an idea came to me. "Guys!" I started, startling them. "WHAT!" Pansy screamed at me annoyed.

"I just came up with the best idea ever." They rolled their eyes at me, "And that is....

" "What if we set up a "Anti-Bullying Campaign" for like a month or so?" They look at each other then back at me. "And what good would that do us?" "Well...

things have been a bit boring lately and it would be nice to have a change for entertainment?" "All right, fine, what's the plan?" they speak in unison. "Ok so first..."


After dinner we set out to set everything up (Signs, posters, badges,etc.

) As I was setting up a poster near where the ROR was I hear, "What the hell are you doing, Malfoy?

" I get a bit startled but I regain myself and turn around to see Potter standing there with a confused look on his face while seemingly staring at the poster behind me.

"What ever do you mean, Potter?" He looks back at me and says, "Why are you setting up posters about an Anti-Bullying Campaign when you've been bullying my friends and I for years?

" "Well Pansy, Blaise, and I have had a change of heart and decided we wanted to start over."

His eyes seem go wide but he almost instantly calms down and says, "Oh, well if that's the case would you like to end this petty rivalry and start over?" He holds out his hand to shake.

I freeze up for a second. (You see I may or may not have had a teeny tiny crush on him since 1st year.) I pretend to think and then hold out my hand and shake his.

He pauses for second and then pulls me into a big hug.

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