Accidentally Became Good ~ Drarry(Pt. 3)
Accidentally Became Good ~ Drarry(Pt. 3) drarry stories

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Draco started an 'Anti-Bullying Campaign' as a joke but now everyone is taking him seriously. [Updates may vary]

Accidentally Became Good ~ Drarry(Pt. 3)

*Later at Lunch*

~Harry Potter's POV~

I'm watching Draco at lunch, just admiring him. I've had a crush on him since second year, so I'm really happy that we are friends now and can stop fighting with each other.

I guess I was staring for too long 'cause suddenly I was being wacked on the arm by 'Mione. "Pay attention, would you! and stop staring at Malfoy!" "I'm not staring at him!" She rolls her eyes.

"What were you doing then?" I start stuttering, "U-um, well I-I. " I sigh, "Alright, fine I was staring at him, happy? Besides we're friends now, so it's not like he'll be much of a problem now."

She seemed startled, "Wait your friends! Since when?" "Since yesterday.

" She gives me a confused look and asks, "How did that happen?

" I let out a breath and begin to explain, "He was putting up posters, putting out signs, and handing out badges, so I decided to approach him about it.

I quickly learned that him, Parkinson, and Zabini, are starting an Anti-Bullying Campaign. I decided to ask him to be my friend and here we are."

'Mione gave me a surprised face, "Why is he starting an Anti-Bullying Campaign? I mean, he and his friends have been bullying us for years.

" "He said that they had a change of heart and wanted to start over.

" She looks at me, seemingly thinking, and then asks, "Alright then, if he is willing to change tell him I would be happy to be friends as well.

" I stare at her blankly for a second and then say, "Alright."

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