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viridescent ~ greenish or becoming green.


@artsy_raven17 said "Having been in love with someone for a very long time and never getting it back, which makes me feel jealous of my friends when they have people that like them back"

This viridescent creature has become my only friend

they say that green is the color of envy

While i cannot deny that Is one feeling I know

I'd also like to think that it is the mixture of bittersweet joy, and sadness

Because my love is unrequited

this viridencent creature is always lurking by

but that is not the only friend that I have come to know

you see, everyone around me has found someone

So, i am all alone

Loneliness marries this envious fiend

and they produce vile offspring

rage and grief blend into purple

apathetic notions breed clouds of grey

This person, this love

is the only love i have ever known

They are my first and they are my last

yet, they are not mine

their lips drip with lovely letters

I hang on every phrase

There eyes glow like millions of stars

when I look at them I see shades of magenta passions

then my world becomes obsidian

as I realize they do not feel that same

This viridencent creature cannot take all of the blame

for the shades of purple

for the hues of red

I have bled

and bled

Yet I am ignored

Everyone has someone

I do too

My Viridecent Creature

and all its children

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