Patchwork Rejection
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Patchwork Rejection

Hurricane~ it settles like a cloud dampening the ground.... so real you can almost touch it,

Me~ But, you don't you stand there staring at the water, as it slowly streams down your face

Hurricane- it holds you in it's grip this fear of rejection, and yet you can still move you can still breathe

Me - but when you breath its not living, its hiding in fear, your heart becomes a drum that drowns out all other noise. it drives you insane

Hurricane- numbing your brain, till all you can feel is the fear resting in the vacant space where your heart used to rest

Me- people say they will love you no matter what, but the inadvertently reject you every day, pasting one of those pained smiles you say "yeah I agree"

Hurricane- tiring this feeling of pretending, pretending like you aren't scared that they won't crack you, rejection. Its a type of poison, one that never leaves-

Me- So you hide and shove it down, leaving yourself behind. There are moments when the dam cracks and you peek through, but you patch it back up, until you become patchwork

Hurricane- These little pieces that never seem to fit right, that can't look normal on the outside, and yet you can't bring yourself to break free

Hurricane- so you keep patching and building hoping no one will see,the mess inside that's continually building

Me- you become nothing but a heap of cloth with a false smile

Hurricane- rejection. It kills you slowly- but not accepting it- ruins the miles

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