Every passing ship
Every passing ship @ariesgirl06 stories

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Every passing ship

Here I sit

While they drone on

Its not that I don't have wit

I do...

you see, All of my motivation...

is gone

There HE sits

like a work of art

I find...

He is my inspiration

I don't work

not a single word written down

Her monotone voice

drowns out all sound

I look at him as if in a trance

Imagining our very first dance


She comes into the frame

and blows it out of the water

"I like him too"

Oh yeah, sure you do

Like every other passing ship on the sea

But he is the ONLY one for me

so you can go and sink on your own

I will not let you usurp my throne

Just like every passing ship

He will fade away from view

but Ill stare at the horizon

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