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Darkened Angel

I tiptoe through the daisies

I tiptoe through the shadows

I slowly creep in murky waters

filled with demons and sinister things

if only I had wings

to fly into your arms

I came there scarred and broken

to find that you had left

for you could no longer remain

I am in the home of bereft

you left on me a darkened stain

There are no words that are spoken

No terms to explain

I am eaten alive by worms

So I turn

I veer away from love

I take a sip of Foxglove

I watch the world spin

as I gently meet my bitter end

I roam the earth with a saddened grin

nothing will it amend

I tiptoe through the daisies

I slip into the mysteries

I gently lurk in all the spaces

where the devils come to play

If only I had wings to fly away


I am

I am a

I am a darkened

I am a darkened angel

For you blackened me

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