Underworld's Most Wanted: Chapter 1
Underworld's Most Wanted: Chapter 1 stories

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It's all coming down.

Underworld's Most Wanted: Chapter 1

A sketch for the chapter... And here we go.

The ground shook hard, and the guards outside of the cell ran around yelling insanely. Arrow leaned against the concrete wall his gaze thoughtful.

His golden eyes flickered, as thunder cracked outside. The mayhem didn't seem to crazy. Only the guards were going insane. Arrow lifted his head, his hair landing in his eyes.

It's brown tips playing in the line of his sight. "What do you think is going on?" For a moment the inmate next door didn't answer. The fallen angel that resided on the other side of the stone wall was always chatty.

"I don't know, but it's really loud out their." There was scuffling of feet, and Arrow assumed she had been staring longingly out the tiny barred window.

Monica slid down the wall, her shirt making a scratchy noise against the wall.

"Maybe someones shooting bombs. To break us all out? What do you think?" Arrow leaned forward placing his elbows in his knees and his head in his hands.

"Doubt it, I think it's just an earth quake." Monica's talky nature seemed dim, usually she was the one who led a conversation.

Arrow shifted, twisting to look back out of the cell he could just barely make out the fallen angels shadow, huddled against the wall.

Another guard rushed by, and this time he could feel himself leaning over. He was whispering into his walkie talkie, but quietly enough that Arrow could not hear. Leaning back he sighed.

"You ever heard a storm like this?" "No, but I'm sure they happen all the time," Monica answered curtley. Clearly not in the mood for small talk.

It was strange, when the angel was in a bad mood she was curt and rude, thought that almost never happened.

The dark grey walls seemed to make the room darken as the sky pushed down even more rain. Another crackling of thunder rang out.

Arrow tilted his head back to look up at the light that lit the small room. It flickered on and off. Another loud bang filled the air, but this time the light flickered out.

Freezing Arrow tilted his head to look outward.


Then there was a sudden and hard shaking in the ground. Crackling came from the walls as the building seemed to sway.

"Arrow," Monica squeaked from the other side of the wall. Along with he cracking came banging of metal. Falling forward Arrow hit the door to his cell, which shoved open.

"Monica, just try to open the door." Continuing forward he held his hands out in the darkness. People around the cells were yelping and more doors were clanging open.

There was more violent swaying, and chunks of concrete began to fall from the roof above. Monica pushed herself through, falling straight into Arrow. They both toppled over onto the floor.

"Ow," Arrow grunted, and even though he couldn't see anything shoved a handful of hair from his eyes. It was to dark to see anything except around a few flashes of thunder.

"Why are the lights off? Do you think.." Monica stumbled trying to fine her footing. A light powdering sort rain was falling from the roof.

"We need to get out now, before the whole place collapses." Whispering urgently Arrow leaned over to grab Monica's shaking hand.

The lightning coming through each window of the cells lit the pathways for seconds at a time. The two stumbled down the hall ignoring the sounds of other people saying similar things.

After making their way to the metal stairs and tripping the majority of the way down the bottom floor made their efforts seem easy.

"Where do you think the guards are?" Monica tripped over something, hopefully just a pile of concrete. As more shaking ocurred, people were starting to grow louder.

"Don't ask, just come on." Gently shoving Monica forward the two of them reached the doors outside. Rain pelted down hard, but the ground still shook harder.

Arrow still clutching Monica's hand sprinted towards the fence line. The only thing was, there were no fences. They were laid out along the length of what had been the yard.

Glittering when the thunder cracked the two made their way to the other side.

"What do you think, a taste of freedom?" Arrow glanced around the dark surroundings.

"It's been too long."

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