Daily Prompt: Faucet of Dreams
Daily Prompt: Faucet of Dreams
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Why do dreams not go to our memories?

Daily Prompt: Faucet of Dreams

Slipping into the awaiting darkness and letting my face relax. Falling into the unknown beauties of an undistracted mind at last.

Not quite realizing I'm finally dozing off I'll wake up again in the same world without a clue. But what I dreamed will remain in fragments, and feelings.

Where do they go? They'll come out spewing with ideas, wonders and fantasies, but then you can never keep them.

The faucet which delivers our dreams is something mystical, does it believe we only are allowed glimpses into our own imaginations?

The dreams though evaporate too quickly to grasp for more than in sleeping hours. We think too hard about things and don't just let them come and imagine.

Those who do not have dreams have clogged their faucet, covering it with the other running streams of thought, guilt, doubt, and fear.

The waters from imagination and wild spirit not pushing through.

Does the drain of memory not collect these dreams? Are they too big to fit, or are they just able to choose not to go.

When we are conscious we don't choose what we remember because we most likely remember it all.

But when we are asleep we won't remember anything, our minds unactivated as we disappear into an auto pilot created fantasy.

Our minds can work on their own it seems is the answer. When our bodies do not use them they can plant ideas in us.

It decides when the faucet runs and what goes down the drain or is splashed out of the sink. Dreams come out on their own, meaning that we won't get to keep them most likely...

So next time you are having a dream, or you've felt like you had one just let the feelings slip away.

It could be that your mind was preparing you for something, or that it was showing you a way. It doesn't matter though because we won't remember it anyway.

If you can recall the setting and plot of a dream, what have you done to save it? Whenever I have a big dream it comes out in "chapters'' each night, and I like to write them down.

If you've had any interesting dream experiences I would love to hear about them!!

Thanks for reading (:

And Smile! It's gonna be a good day!

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