Daily Prompt : Meat
Daily Prompt : Meat meat stories

phoenix13mage Community member
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I'm going to have chapter 2 out today...

Daily Prompt : Meat

Soo I'm kinda out of ideas when it comes to these prompts...

Soo Meat, could I use meet instead? Is that cheating? I don't know it doesn't matter anyway...

If you picked at it for more than a few moments, would it still be appetizing.

If you didn't would you still eat it, or is your heart just breaking.

Slowly inside,

Do you tell anyone, as you pick at the edge of the plate.


Would you want to?

Just eat, you can worry about that later...

Okay so that was really bad but I'm out of random ideas. Anyway I did want to say I'm going to be updating Underworld's most wanted at least once a week, sometimes more if I've worked on it.

For Phobia Poems I will try to do at least two a week, if anyone reads those. So yep that's all...

Thanks for reading my weird poem (:

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