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Read entries written by Benjamin, a character whose identity will be revealed deeper into the plot.

Benjamin's Journal

February 4 Dear Journal, somehow Crestview has managed to associate Valentines with Patriotism. The decor consisting of red and pink banners , "Let Love Fly FREE"; it's not to my taste. Holidays as these really do demand attention and tend to impel festivity. And it goes against my nature to get flustered over, much less appreciate, materials.

I suppose that's why it took me a year and a half to finally decide to put use to this notebook, a leatherbound Aunt Doe had gifted me for christmas. She had made it this grand idea that I would discover a passion for poetry, which, needless to say, was ill-judged. I am not a writer nor is anyone else in my family tree. Reading is my literary preference and even then it's not usually for pleasure.

The reason for my sudden entry is my grandfather. The two of us had dinner this previous night and he informed me of journals he's filled and kept over the years, beginning in his adult youth. He documents thoughts and moments and life events. When I asked, "What's the point of that?" He responded thoughtfully.

"To remember." And so here I am, Journal. I'm not one much for sentimentality, but I lose nothing in this and if I ever feel burdened by these logs I will stop. 8:36 PM

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