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phoe_nix ✨your not so local witch✨
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There's been an accident.

Benjamin's Journal

February 23 My younger sister, Aria, is in a coma. She was driving two days ago with her friends and crashed into Lake Neppa around seven PM. My mother was contacted by the police and immediately rushed to the nearby hospital. The three of us, being me and my parents, stayed by Aria's side for the previous days in hopes she

would wake, but she has not yet. Aria is the only one who was severely injured. The other two sophomores present made it out with hardly a scratch and come to visit with flowers and cards to express their survivor's guilt. My parents accept the gifts graciously. Meanwhile, I stand uncomfortably to the side watching my parents grieve and the nurses work.

I am currently at school, but since I could not focus I decided to write. My parents had decided I couldn't miss my classes any longer, so they forced me to return. Now I am the boy whose little sister is in a coma. My classmates search for exhaust in my eyes and loss in my words. There is none. 8:34 AM

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