⭐White Dwarf.
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phirru Shy | A Nightowl | Student | Ice cream<3
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Trying to write something positive. :3

⭐White Dwarf.

by starryeyes

I shouldn't let myself be dragged towards pessimism, I should learn to face and run towards optimism,

For I learned that life is to be valued and not for us to waste, And for I learned that life is not to be experienced with haste.

I will rejoice on the day When I would finally feel happy and gay,

That this problem dragging me down, Will no longer bring me a frown.

Friends who help me along the way, Pieces of advice they give me to take,

They are the pillars of support who brings me up, The ones who make me feel like I'm at the world's top.

I shun away the negative voices coming to my head, "Think positive, be positive!" Was what I'd always say.

And I will make sure that I would get to see the time, When my problem will now become a white dwarf---almost at the end of its life.

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