How Polymail exploded with 2k+ upvotes on Product Hunt
How Polymail exploded with 2k+ upvotes on Product Hunt stories

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A quick interview with the founder of the most commented product and one of the most upvoted products of all time on Product Hunt, Polymail!

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@bfoo is the Founder and CEO of Polymail.

How Polymail exploded with 2k+ upvotes on Product Hunt

An interview with CEO Brandon Foo about their success with Polymail on Product Hunt!

What is Polymail?

Polymail is a simple, beautiful, and modern email platform for desktop & mobile.

How did you decide what day to launch on Product Hunt?

We didn’t! Someone we don’t know actually hunted us earlier that week without asking. We had to ask the PH team to kindly take it down. Our PH champion, Niv, helped us reschedule for later.

What happened behind the scenes leading up to the launch?

We didn’t even have a proper website up, so we were working to get that finished. We had a small but engaged Alpha community, so we prepared email campaigns asking them to join the PH discussion

How did you choose who to hunt you?

After reaching out to the PH team, it was Niv who ended up hunting & featuring us.

** How did you choose what time to get hunted?

Niv chose it for us, we figured it’d be good since it lets us start & finish strong (12am-12am) whereas if we finished at 6am most people would probably be alseep. We got 100 upvotes by 1am!

What strategies did you use to get to the top?

On our PH day, basically the entire team was dedicated to responding to discussion on our PH comments and talking to people on Twitter. We made sure that we responded to all questions & requests

What came out of the Product Hunt Launch?

EVERYTHING. We ended up being the #3 product of all time on PH and won the Golden Kitty Mac App of the Year award. We had 10x'd our pre-PH signups.

We have been contacted by a few really awesome people and investors as a result. I think its safe to say that alot (if not most) people heard of us from our PH launch.

Why do you think you did so well?

Part of it was due to lucky timing - I think alot of people were actively looking for a new email product due to the announcement of Mailbox’s shutdown, and we were offering Alpha invites.

The other part was that we received really amazing support from our community of Alpha testers, and we were really dedicated to engaging with the PH community on launch day.

Any advice for others launching on Product Hunt?

Offering some sort of exclusive giveaway or discount to the PH community helps - we were giving out Alpha invites to everyone on PH who requested one, which I think helped bolster our engagement.

Of course, have some great screenshots that clearly shows what your product is and why people should love it, and make sure to post a nice description of the product + your story in the comments.

Aside from that, make sure to keep an eye on your comments and on Twitter ALL day, and make sure to respond to each and every person (although you should be doing this as a company all the time)

How can people help Polymail?

Join our Alpha! Tweet me at or email us at for an invite 😄

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