A Winter Evening Through Two Coal Eyes
A Winter Evening Through Two Coal Eyes winter stories

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A portrait of an idyllic early 20th century winter celebration, as seen through the eyes of a snowman. May it be known that even the smallest act of optimism can inspire great amounts of happiness

A Winter Evening Through Two Coal Eyes

The skies now violet, a blueberry hue And the hills a cool periwinkle land In the distance against the sheer blue The dark hill, where alone I stand

It was only this very morning when The children built me out of snow Even little Tina, 4 years under 10 Had her rosy cheeks in a happy glow

Now as the sun starts to die down The glittering lights in the town shine And in seeing from above the sleepy town The best view is mine, all mine

Waiting for the coming stars I see Main Street down there But this time the traffic holds no cars Just carolers circling town square

Their dolcent voices almost make me melt As they sing of the first Christmas night Such a warming sense I've never felt As they sang under warm canopied lights

And to this peace and sweet goodwill is a violent contrast As the peaceful park became Bunker Hill: A snowball battle to the last

George is cornered one can plainly see Five to one: Custer's last throw But not today, he aimed up at the tree And covered all his friends in snow

Amos and his brother Craig climbed the highest hill, Poised like birds of prey, And raced in their toboggan till They surprised their parents in their horse-drawn sleigh.

But of all the sights that I have found If a favorite I must take It'd be the whole town gathering round To go skating on the lake

As the fireman band played sweet and slow The young and old skated by Tiny Maggie so eager to go, Her first time she would try

She fumbled and slipped for quite a while But she never dropped her grin This actually made mean Old Man White smile And he taught her how to spin

And close over here, near center ice Jenny Stevenson happened to skate And so was Tom, whom she thought was nice, But he was a risk she'd been afraid to take

When she saw he was near, she tried to stop But her skates didn't agree with that She did a double twist and a backwards flop And there on the ice she sat.

Tom skated over to offer some help But there was a problem with the blade As he fell next to her, he gave out a yelp And so, laughing on the ice they stayed

A whole town happy, who could've known? And to think it all began When Tina cried out the window, "Hey guys, let's build a snowman!"

And that idea inspired them all To go out and enjoy the day. It just kept on growing like a giant snowball. I did good, now what can I say?

Though don't get me wrong, I'm certainly proud All this joy is great for my health But this is just me, thinking aloud I wish I was on the ice myself

And when I think of my lonely place, In the grand scheme, turning me cold That happy smile on Tina's face is worth more to me than gold

And though I'll melt in tomorrow's sun I know a secret, can you guess? That even though my work is done, It's good work nonetheless.

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