Mushy gushy love story thingy❤
Mushy gushy love story thingy❤ love- stories

philophobic A hopelessly romantic lesbian </3
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A lovely little rant/story i wrote when i was in love

Mushy gushy love story thingy❤

I dont know what id do without her. The words she says stick to me like glue. Im a mere fly caught in her web. So vulnerable, fragile, weak, she could eat me up anytime. She could end me at any point, yet, she craddles me in her soft silky arms and tells me everything will be okay. And I know I should believe her. Believe my everything, let the loving words that spill from her mouth into my thick head.

But i just cant. The future scares me so much. Im going to be a senior next year and shell be a junior. Then ill be off at college and shell be a senior. I wont see her everyday and that thought leaves me petrified. My days were shit befor meeting her, my love, but then that shinning ray of sun came in and lit up my life. She showed me true love and showed me life gets better and has a purpose.

And i love seeing her everyday, she makes every day better. But ill be in college and shell be in highschool. Im horrified at the thought of falling apart because i love her so much. I cant bear to lose her again. Yes i said again, that story is for another time. I havent told her how scared i am about losing her. I didnt want her knowing how scared i am for the future but she seepted through my cracks into my soul and found it

for herself. She tries her best to help and i just cant shake this fear. Its constantly aching my heart and i fear what will happen if i continue my plan of keeping it in. I might just tell her, or i might just enjoy the time we have together. I dont know. I just love her so much and... i think i wanna be with her for forever... but i think im just a dumb love struck teen, which is so cliché and stereotypical but

i cant shake that ooey gooey mushy oozing feeling coming from my sore heart.

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