Zest, more than lemon shavings

Zest, more than lemon     shavings critic stories

philmichaelwebs Community member
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For the challenge about #zest. This was hard and a weird word to focus on. Hope you like it.

Zest, more than lemon shavings

The critic came into my restaurant.

Found me in the back and tried to taunt.

He said “You have ten minutes to have me seated at a table.”

I was rushing and bussed the table and said “make yourself comfortable!”

He only would take one bite of each item

Spitting it on the floor and rolling his eyes

He finally finished writing his notes

And started walking out, grabbing his coat

I stopped him before he opened the door

I offered him a free piece of pie we give every customer

He started walking out but couldn’t ignore

That at the bottom of our menu was something more

Than just a good item, it was his favorite

It was his moms best dish and he had to have it

He slowly tasted the dish and started to cry

The last time he had the dish was the day his mom died

It had a note from his mom that said “honey I’m leaving.

Always remember that the zest goes on top for dressing.

Don’t forget zest makes life more vibrant,

And makes people smile that usually just can’t.”

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