Nim Timbers

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philmichaelwebs Just a metalcore lover.
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A story of my main Dungeons and Dragons character.

Nim Timbers

Green hair and green eyes

Not much that comes as a surprise

A druid, loving nature is what I do best

A fluid part of finding rest

A pet parrot named barnacles

A snake named slither

These are a few names for my people

A staff I use to cast Moonbeam

To destroy those that side with Cabiri

Away with those binders

Monsters that do not have fur

A gnome on a mission,

To save those less powerful, people call minions

At the side is a tortle, a dwarf and a furbolg,

A bard named Bart that is always cold

Did I mention a water genasi that I can't control?

For me, my intentions are to save all the critters

The ones with no voice and fall to offenders

I get my power from the circle of land

Healing spirit that I placed in quicksand

To heal my brothers and sisters on the mission today

Hopefully, in the Tomb of Annihilation, we find our way

Through the city of Chult

Where the rebels sulk

One hundred degrees and still moving

Keeping a pace and it's grueling

My little gnome feet are tired

Maybe after today I can retire

I just have to stop and look for inspiration

With every step that gives an abrasion

So I look to my friends in every tree

And try to think of how I will set them free

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