Tale of Phil the Brave

         Tale of Phil the Brave trauma stories

philmichaelwebs Just a metalcore lover.
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Trauma that could've been prevented.

Tale of Phil the Brave

I wish I could hand that boy a sword, Give him the strength in fending off the foes that infiltrate his land. Bolster his confidence and a tool to back up his words, It would be reassuring when he holds it in his hand.

I wish I could give that boy a shield, Manifest some control on the battlefield, Give him a chance to block or at least yield, The incoming blows that his enemies wield.

I wish I could help dawn that boy's armor, So he didn't have so many vulnerable targets. He could walk and feel safe, maybe even a bit warmer, From the cold this world creates; he can forget.

I wish I could've fought alongside this boy, This beaten and broken making of a knight. Maybe he wouldn't have died on that battlefield, If only he had some reinforcements.

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