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Do you want conversation? Does it feel like, in today's age, you cannot just interact and get to know people? Please read and don't just be a smiling face please! Agree or disagree I would love to hear your opinion. Thanks and I hope you enjoy my little poem.

Smiling Faces

Smiling Faces. All around are smiling faces. Protecting their own minds and bodies from what people might think. Should I say what I think? Should I disagree?

How come everyone looks at me with a different meaning in their eyes than their lips? Why can I not understand what it is? Am I the only one who says what's on their mind?

Truly expressing themselves, not just answering with "I'm fine."?

Could we break this cycle of surface level conversation? Can we ever adapt from our fear of confrontation? Can I talk to another person and have them actually speak back?

Not only with just words, but with some meaning intact.

Can I feel what you feel or is it only through a phone; that I have to find what you actually mean. Swipe right and give a like if you agree, jesus christ is this my pedigree?

Can I not converse with you without these terms? Are we left with no more cigars to burn? No more chairs on porches, no more towels on the beach? The form of conversation melting in front of me?

Why is it weird to speak with a stranger? It seems like every day people get lazier.

Left and right define who we are now. Nothing left to bond us together right? Should I go left or right? My parents left is that alright? Where was it that we left off? Am I on the right track.

Forget all that nonsense and bring it all back. Back when the directions were described by landmarks. Where people didn't stare at a phone to make it to work.

Don't worry political obsessives I did not forget left or right. The meaning you wanted me to express and explain why your side is right. No one on the other side gets it.

No one on the other side can be corrected. They aren't thinking right, they are crazy.

Are you worried about how they are sitting home and being lazy? Throw your riots and fight your wars, you nasty right-sided whores.

Hug your trees, kill your babies and give up on this nation you hippy. Shoot your guns and spit your tobacco, you fucking redneck looking hippos.

Smoke your weed and give up on religion, you linen wearing hipsters.

It doesn't have to be this way. We can get along and help each other along the way. We could hold open doors and respect each others privacy. We could talk about music and behave nicely.

Like we did when we were kids, not saying any one of us are grown up yet.

We don't act like it at least, is it because we don't get enough sleep? Is it because we think so differently? Can I just chalk it off as jealousy?

Where are the people that join together? Where can I find the people that make mends with one another? Does it exist, or are we all believing news?

Papers that say one thing in Cali and one thing in Peru. Do you understand that we all think differently and just because of that we don't need to speak violently?

Back to the smiling faces, because I think it's important. Next time someone asks how you're doing don't ignore it.

Actually speak your feelings and try not to forget, that behind that smiling face is someone like you. Looking for someone to hopefully talk to.

They are probably hurting, frustrated or on the brink and maybe someone being real will make them rethink.

A smiling face is not what you get with me. I am depressed and I can hardly think. I know that someone did not have a smiling face and I remember it clearly.

Almost like a never-forgotten memory.. They asked me what's wrong and they meant it. It wasn't just a job it was imperative.

To tell them what was wrong in my life, so I could make some progress and fight.

Be the progress-pusher in someones life. Challenge them to not just say "I'm fine." Create conversations that break boundaries. Just don't get offended if they think differently.

Maybe there is a reason for how they think. Maybe it's not alright with you, but you can sink. Sink into their life and have empathy, to process how they are working things out mentally.

Take something from the conversation and give something back.

Smiling faces fucking scare me. It shows me that no one deals with their emotions properly. I have been this face before, but I won't go back.

Everyday this is an exhausting chore, but I won't lose track. Trust me, it feels much better, when you express yourself and don't just mutter.

Can we evolve backwards to a better place, A place with less blank smiling faces.

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