My Neurological Functions

     My Neurological Functions brain stories

philmichaelwebs Community member
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This is a day-to-day fight with my brain.

My Neurological Functions

Deep breath, look into to their eyes, Don't look down, that's a weird thing to try. He asked you a question, so answer yes or no, Don't keep thinking about a logical answer he doesn't actually want to know.

Keep writing with this loud sound next to you, It doesn't bother anyone else so what can I do? Don't listen to the light bulb buzzing in your ears, Don't get distracted or space out, try to not hear.

Open up and show your feelings, Don't close like a clam, or they'll get the wrong feeling. Try to be less robotic and motionless, No one approaches methodical or abrasiveness.

Smile and try to relate to their story, No one likes talking to a wall, that's boring. Stop trying to write things that always rhyme, It's annoying and it makes my feelings a joke.

Finally, I won one.

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