Ireland or Dream?

                 Ireland or Dream? comedy stories

philmichaelwebs Just a metalcore lover.
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A different perspective than most of my writings. Trying something new, like comedy, which could help me grow as a writer.

Ireland or Dream?

Breath, the moss fills up your lungs with musty joy, Connecting you with nature and bringing you to an inner peace. Walk, with grass rustling against your hips, Taking away the frustration of your every day.

Smell, the freshness of the air as you waltz through flowers, Washing away the anticipation of the next rising sun. Call, to all the critters running about with no destination, Making notice to how we live our life.

Realize, that you're in the shower, Melting the dream of Ireland and its fields away. Regret, that you picked up Irish Springs soap on your last trip to the store, Making a visual of something you have not seen before.

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