"Good Morning Beautiful!"

    "Good Morning Beautiful!" beautiful stories
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"Good Morning Beautiful!"

I promise to take time to get to know you. I promise that I will be someone that you can go to. I promise that I'll limit my expectations to just a few. I promise my heart won't look at your past, just through.

I know that I am not perfect. I know that I am new, But I know that I am worth it. So, if anything, just keep pushing on through.

I heard your voice and it makes me smile. I made a choice to wait and figure this out. I'll be here when all is said and done. I'd hope that you that you could call me fun.

I'd hope that it transcends to more, Than just pen-pals that write when time doesn't soar. I'll reach for you if you're reaching back, I'll pick you up when you don't think to laugh.

I promise that you won't regret meeting me. I promise that you won't forget me easily. I promised to myself that I would build someone up next time I ran this race in full. That's why every day I start it by saying you're beautiful.

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