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philmichaelwebs Just a metalcore lover.
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Freestyle for Fun

I look at people like I do an objective, Nothing comes to mind except for their intentions, Nothing that passes the time, only what you do or what you mention, That doesn't sit well, I guess it's left standing.

I can ring in the new year and work on my soul, Call me Chicharito because I'm going for the gooooaaaal, Don't give me a standing ovation, Don't side with me because of what I'm weaving (call that shit extensions).

I'm working to better myself like a parolee, I'm bending and stretching myself (call me a yogi), I don't feel like anyone can break me, For now, I'm the Russian in the 4th edition of Rocky.

Just a fun freestyle rap that I wanted to try. I used to write this to. These were the first words that came to my mind and I encourage others to give this a try! Tag me in your freestyle if you do one!!

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