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philmichaelwebs Community member
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What it still feels like when my family doesn't understand depression. The "slap some pills on it and pray it away" method... doesn't work for me.


Hey, it's me again, I'm back with a little message. I guess some of you think what I write is for attention. No problem, I will clear this up without hesitation. What I write hurts, it comes from reservation.

Don't think I can't grab my backbone though, That maybe you could say I lost a long time ago? Probably through some shit that you would never know, Unless you think for once, and stop judging what someone else wrote.

I would love to talk to you about how I'm feeling, But really, is this the way you decide to treat me? I keep constantly and repeatedly mistaking. Your undivided attention as a care thing.

Keep listening and saying "that's what medication is for". How about I shove pills down your throat and see if you walk out the door? The problem is, that I would never do that to you. This isn't a game, how do I get this message through to you?

I'm standing right here either way, And just so you know, it doesn't help me to pray. How about you listen and give actual words a try? Because your brother or son is dying on the inside.

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