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Do not read if you don’t like scary images! I posted a dark poem with a light ending because this is something I deal with everyday. If you’re suffering from depression, let this be my time to get to tell you go seek help! It’s helped me tremendously and now I fight every day!


My mind is dark and phased out of reality

I’ll have to tell you some stories so you’ll have to listen carefully

Imagine a creature in the dark

You don’t know where you are

It slides along the ground

Slowly, not to be found

It crawls up to you, with cracking bones and nashing teeth

You try to run far away but can’t seem to move your feet

It claws, ripping flesh from your bones

Sinking its teeth, you wish you were home

It doesn’t leave yet, it’s there forever

Waiting for you to try and take another step

Sometimes you try and be clever

Even one time you try and distract it with a pet

It’s never fooled and it never will be

It says it only will leave if you “sell your soul to me.”

You build strength up to try and fight it

But every time, it never breaks a sweat

The only way to get past this demon

Is to sell it your soul or tell it your leaving

Don’t turn your back on it or it’ll start to creep

And by that time you’ve already been beat

Face it and walk towards the beast

And you’ll have the life that’s meant to be.

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