Christmas Wish
Christmas Wish christmas-poetry-2020 stories

phero Why can't I get out of bed anymore?
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Christmas from an orphanage, because not everyone gets to feel the same jolliness during holiday season.

Christmas Wish

A little red drum beats through the night


The sound is dampened by dirty glass,

practically opaque with broken dreams.

Gallops of toy-horses, crashes of tambourines.

And I manage to never see a thing.

Where is the magic and joy they promised?

Does Santa not look in the direction of kids like me?

I shake the bell, I believe, I believe,

though with each passing day, it seems more and more

like seeing is believing.

Just one day, I wish to drown in sparkly paper,

ribbons, and holly berries.

Just one day I want to sing for someone,

this isn't the silent night I wanted.

It's all I want for Christmas, please let it come true.

Just this one last Christmas wish

to hear "Merry Christmas, to you."

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