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phantomhive0227The sun has come again to hold you
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The Love

by phantomhive0227

What does love look like?

Sure, I have the example of my parents.

But what I mean is

What would love look like to me?

How would it feel to have His hand in mine?

How would it feel to hear those three words?

How would it feel to have someone care for you

In away unique to him?

How would it feel to cry in his arms?

Will I ever know?

Or will I always be so afraid,when

Someone shows the slightest interest in me?

How will I know if it's love?

How will I be able to tell the difference between

'I love you'


I'm just using you?

Will I be to blinded by the sheer excitement of someone

Showing interest in me

To see that they are hurting me?

That they don't actually care?

How will I be able to tell?

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