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phantomhive0227 •Greetings & Salutations•
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Why was I your 'lucky pick'?

Originally titled: 10 Minutes.

600 Seconds

by phantomhive0227

I didn't know I wasn't supposed to say yes

I didn't know I was supposed to stay away.

I didn't know the water would damage me as deep as my soul

I didn't know what those filthy hands were capable of

I was young, too young to detect that his honey coated words

Were hiding a deadly poison.

My heart's secret has been revealed,and yet

I still feel broken,shattered,and I still don't know who I really am.

10 Minutes,felt like 10 hours.

I didn't know those 10 minutes would leave me broken and confused.

I'm laughing inside right now

But I'm crying too,because Ten minutes is nothing right?


600 seconds, of silence.

It took 600 seconds for you to break me down

And leave me unrecognizable.

Do you know what tonic immobility is?

tonic immobility is a natural state of paralysis

In which ANIMALS enter.


Tonic immobility plays a role in survival it helps a hunted,or weak,or SCARED ANIMAL, fool a predator into thinking it's dead.

You'd already taken my words,so all that was left for me,was to play DEAD like an ANIMAL. I thought you'd lose interest,but of course, I was wrong about you. AGAIN

My heart's secret is out,and They know, but somehow, I'm even more confused,and angry. What is left to do now?


Move on?

Move on like you probably did?

I can't just 'move on'

I can't just 'forget'

10 Minutes.

600 seconds give or take

That's all it was, it seems like a short amount of time

Doesn't it?

You take a 10 minute walk,and that's nothing

But when you're being hurt,and broken down

By someone you didn't even know well,

Someone you had a stupid little crush on

While they get away with it,with so many people around,

10 minutes is a eternity.

10 Minutes was- IS forever, 10 minutes

Is the rest of your life.

My heart's secret may be out, but there's no real way for me to describe what you did,with out running to the nearest bathroom

To wash that memory away,and scrub away the fingerprints you left on me.

There's no way to explain how my chest seizes up everytime i think of you

There's no gentle way to tell them how scared I still am. How confused I am.

How even the smallest hug is hard to give. Hard to accept.

Why? I just want to know

Why me?

Why was I your 'lucky' pick?

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