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ph63 Community member
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This love is at my command and all your cravings will be addressed but when I so please. Here is to a woman you wish you had.

I am

I am not the cigarette

You light up in need

I am a different craving

An intoxication deep

I am not the whiskey

You have when you please

I am a soul stirrer my dear

Into your very core I will seep

I am what will hold onto you

Not the one that you can keep

The lustrous lipstick I wear

May one day be your treat

But mind you, it is not that easy

There is much more that I seek

I am not the wallet that you own

I am the diamond you cant leave

I am not your friday night party

I am the 'stay home' and read

I am not how you label me

I am whoever I am and believe.

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