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pev ~they/them~ i have no idea what im doing
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I wrote this for my girlfriend, building on the lesbian tradition of giving the lady you like violets.


I think I might hand you some violets of blue

Just so I can see you blush pink.

So a crown of such flowers I'll give you,

Presented with love and a wink.

And now I'll make a new crown of flowers,

As any should look charming on you.

It's with you I'd spend all of my hours,

If our locations were one and not two.

And someday, with luck I can meet you,

And greet you, my arms filled with blooms

And I'll give you them all, not hold back one or two

And they'll shine in the sunlight like plumes.

Still, I think if I gave you some violets so blue,

The violets should be humbled to be close to you.

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