not really sure bud
not really sure bud dungeons and dragons stories

pev ~they/them~ i have no idea what im doing
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?? just a quick thing. i hope some of the i-gave-you-no-context stuff works out ok. also the kid in her class? he's traaaaaans!

not really sure bud

this is something I wrote for my dungeons & dragons campaign. It's still in progress.

Breckinridge nods back at the group she's training to commence pairing off for sparring. Some of you can't believe you're seeing her again.

She walks over to one member of her group and whispers in his ear. He gives a grateful smile and runs off, looking oddly short of breath.

When he returns, he looks far more physically comfortable than he had been previously,

but he seems to be crossing his arms to hide that he's filling out his armor's breastplate a little better than before.

He gives Breckinridge a half-hearted thumbs up and she signals the class to resume.

A voice comes from the back of your party. "Wow. I really thought I wouldn't see her for a while. We said goodbye a few years ago now."

You look back, and to your surprise, that remark came from Earfer. You're not really sure who he's talking about until you realize he has to mean Breckinridge.

How does he know her and what does their collective past hold? You don't really know anything about either, especially Breckinridge, who left you about 4 months ago now.

You can't focus for the rest of your tour through headquarters, and deep thought yields no answers to any of the questions bubbling up in your mind.

You resolve to ask Earfer everything later. You'll stop at nothing for information.

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