For The Whole Universe To See-- Part 1
For The Whole Universe To See-- Part 1 vld stories

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A Shaylura fic about Allura going to visit.

~i'm an anti, so @shallies, piladins, and palotors, please don't interact~

hope you enjoy!

For The Whole Universe To See-- Part 1

Allura had nothing to do. She walked around the castle, checking on the other paladins, hoping to find someone she could talk to, but everyone seemed to be too busy.

Lance and Keith were off somewhere, doing whatever.

Pidge, Matt, and Hunk were messing with the Galra tracker. Allura knew how to code, of course, and likely better than the three of them combined, but she didn't want to intrude.

Shiro was strengthening his bond with the Black Lion, as usual, and thus accounting for all the paladins.

Allura was then firmly set in the idea that no one needed her around the castle. Once she was sure everyone would survive without her immediate presence, she got in a pod and flew away.

She knew she shouldn't, but she had to visit someone really special.

As she flew, she wondered what she would say. "Hi, I was bored and I wanted to say hi and maybe just talk for awhile," didn't feel quite right for the situation.

She got closer and closer to the Balmera as she flew, but still didn't know what to say.

She wanted to convey the real reason she was going but didn't really know if she should say it in front of everyone there.

Eventually, she decided she could figure it out when she got there. She knew she shouldn't worry so much, but didn't really know how to stop worrying so much. It didn't matter.

None of that mattered.

After all, she was going to see Shay!

She really never knew how to greet Shay. All she knew is she was always excited to see her and Shay seemed to reciprocate as much.

As Allura's pod started to land, she felt a little weird. How was she going to justify her visit? As the door opened, she got a little nervous. Maybe Shay was busy and didn't want to see her.

But then she looked out of the front of the pod. She saw Shay right at the front of the small group waiting to greet her, and suddenly all her worries dissipated.

Her pod had fully touched down by then. She stood up and the door opened. The second she stepped out, Shay ran to greet her. The two hugged.

Standing on the Balmera in Shay's arms, Allura didn't really want to go anywhere or do anything.

She didn't have any concerns about responsibility and she didn't have much of a purpose in going, she just wanted to be there with Shay.

Shay was warm and inviting and all Allura really ever wanted. She wanted to be with this girl forever.

Standing with Shay, Allura had a thought she had never had before. She felt something she had never felt before. She didn't quite know what it was, but it was nice. It felt good.

After that, she and Shay found a place to sit and talk.

Surrounded by the crystals of the Balmera and being with Shay, Allura was at peace.

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