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A meeting with a teacher....
What could happen?


I smiled when I saw that a text from Jason pop up on my screen.

Can't wait for tonight😘

"Miss O'conner!" My head shot up from my phone and met the disapointed look on Mr. Stevenson's face.

Crap! I think. the brightness was way up.

"Phone please." He opens his top draw and waits for me.

Embarrassed, I stand in the dark


"And," he started, flipping through to the last stapled page, pushing it a little closer to me and then leaning in. "if you look here-" 

I stopped him before he could continue. "I'm sorry, but what does this-" he returned the favour and cut me off by pressing his lips forcefully onto mine so hard it almost hurt.

My eyes widen and I stiffen with fear. My body screamed at me, 'Move Lizzy! Before he does more than kiss.'

Mr. Stevenson grabbed the back of my head firmly to keep it in place and to make it difficult to break away while he continued to force his tongue down my throat.

His other hand trailed down my side, stopping at my hips and then sliding downward to my backside.

'Move Lizzy, move!' My body screamed again and I mustered all my courage to move.

I put my hands on his chest, trying to push him away from me, he held on for a second longer, only then releasing me from his grip.


I wipe my lips with my thumb, processing what he did, and thinking why.

Grabbing my bag and books I begin heading for the door.

Mr. Stevenson grabbed onto my arm, I pulled away, facing him, waiting for him to speak. "If you want to get into that college, you tell no one of this." 

   I walked out

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