The Centre
The Centre scary stories
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This is part of a new series called "broken pieces" you the reader will have the chance to connect the dots with these mini stories to uncover the big story... Stay tuned for the next piece

The Centre

I try to escape the men's grip, but have not luck.

"Please," I start, "Don't send me there." I plead, tears stinging my eyes.

"Don't worry," Hayrolds assures me, tucking a lose lock of hair behind my ear.

"The Centre is where citizens go to get the help they need,"

"But here's nothing wrong with me!" I spit. Tears now streaming down my face.

"You'll get the help you need."

She ignores me and caresses my cheek with the back of her hand, sliding it under my chin, pushing up my head with her index finger, forcing me to look into her eyes.

She gives me a smirk then nods toward the men.

"I promise you will." She says as the men start dragging me down the white walled hall.

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