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petervdanielsMaking the Journey, Damn good Butler,
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Oh we weary souls we are
who we are, may no one steal our identity, forth with my heart!


by petervdaniels

Early in The Bible

In only one hour of one day God asks for our undivided attention ⚠, Presenting the Way the way we are 😊 the way

We're Not grate followers

We are indecisive, weak feeding on our own , laggards, we are, no more no less, unwillingly stealing

Heading towards Faith

Were not in one motion were just living in the muck of the bird 🐦 who spilled his fate in a mud!

Quipped into an Ordinary

I shall not say that very word, which thou all know by heart we are brethren we speak, we sing, Mother, Father, brother ,

We are part of the blood!

Speaking, asking, we are part of the Blood which is in us a flowing river pumping through us only to find,

A human, a being, fortified

Fortified with strength with determination willing to be apart of the flow of Life

Oh water of Life fill me for I'm

Only one, I'm only a pebble in it, God Bless me and You Life that which is extended through God and our will to

Live Life

For others, not rejecting the human need, to be Loved, entirely heart mind, body soul. Life to live for

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bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller, tomthepo8.com
a year agoReply
This is an interesting sermon. I am sure that those of the faith, the blood, and the body would receive this well. I do think that you let your craftsmanship and lyrics lag into overdramatized verses that fit rather heavily handed into the poem. You have a message that is, obviously, emotionally charged and thought of in lyrical terms. I see a lot of potential here. If you work the message into a grammatically precise and poetically competent verse, you will be more effective in the delivery of the message of your faith.