The Cog In our society.......
The Cog In our society....... animation stories
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petervdanielsMaking the Journey, Damn good Butler,
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If your still trying to find a path in life, your not alone, only God knows, your still the decision maker and God leads anyway. Were all in this together trust your gut and keep praying and or meditating. Have a Great Day! Peter V. Daniels

The Cog In our society.......

by petervdaniels

Deceptive and with great tenacity

Skipping past a night of loneliness, waking in bright light watching, waiting, listening , birds squeaking it's morning, Rainy wet solitude, silence, water rushing, splashing oh speak tortois

Turtle, slow and slower

I haven't begun to sing, I haven't begun to weep. Weeping the words right out of my brain, sometime filled with joy of faith In God sometime faith in thy self, never pitting my words, or so I -

Darn Yarn and Fossil

Yes I feel speechless and I'm awakened by my own wryness , weariness, no not again still damn in the contemplation of it, Why not is there a rule for everything and everybody, I need my Art spac

Ive spilled the Beans

Terrible form and fit. Perhaps this and perhaps that I have ruined my thinking process just for a brief moment, Still o'er the still water my body is renewed, trusting in him, and still I'm lost

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