Our Quaint Existance
Our Quaint Existance  living stories
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petervdanielsMaking the Journey, Damn good Butler,
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Simply the reinvigorated self undeniably strong willed for the project of living with distinguished intent.

Our Quaint Existance

by petervdaniels At the expense of our lives we might find a way to affect

The World

In reality our lives may not be long enough to put the truth together.

Our Faith, Will

Our will to make changes and support the burdens of life with vigor, stamping on ill will.

Staring, Face to Face

In the midst of terror in our communities, our quaint ex - istance moved into protectionism

Perpetual Motion

The 44th thought hindered by sleeplessness, hedging on the fragile economy, beckoning , us to work!

What relevant work?

Supporting the thought that living a low footprint on society will lift us past our self inflicted wounds of a meaningful working existance

All twisted in blues!

Whispering to God, Singing a pray to make anew again what has filled us up with emptiness, lost hope.

Gird Yourself!

Wrap your fingers in the holes in the fence pull yourself over, glance at them, who are not of us. Pray!

No Fear!

Only straight, Drink water, it is the constituent of life, where you can see God!

Peter V. Daniels


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