Ligaments astutely ready!
Ligaments astutely ready! living stories

petervdanielsMaking the Journey, Damn good Butler,
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The passage of time, living life to the fullest every single day!

Ligaments astutely ready!

by petervdaniels

Condroiten ligament free!

Is there a medication? Is there a muscle to which we place a habit a condition a pain to? Will my sciatic nerve get the message from hippo campus? Will my crotch settle into a limp, limp


Biscuits are pleasing, why they are in fact tenderly and softly pleasing to my eyes. I want I need a biscuit to find a piece of life, a peace in they stomach attached to Biscuick food, reminisent


Of a child fleeing from hunger, happy for awhile then hungry again. Suffering jet city, still the flow of water to touch by most, but the lingering viruses and chemical waddling in heavy metal, H

Heavy Metal as in

Chemical, as in science not neutralized just spinning out of control, Oh How wretched are the scores that overtake us in static liquefaction through my stomach down thy throat, into the mess hal

Mess Hall as in latrine, which is our will power to live!

We are people who secrete, but we need to fill our palette to nurture our nature and find perpetual life strength. Be afraid of what you eat your body is suspicious, and therefore weak. Oh as m

My Stomach hungers for Lamb!

Lamb me Lamb of my Heart the Will steadfast seeing the Lamb in your hand, Seeing,alone is not a fitbit, or an opportunity to walk, but rather a way into the extreme radical views to light, life t

the Pursuit of Happiness

Shutter the body as to walk in deflection, skip to the loo alone and with the early morning rain, or the signaling sound of a bird. Tell me Chondroitin Chondroitin, does the bone in you whimper o

Or will the faces of ourselves

Linger freely about with no provisions for tomorrow, I'm as helpless as the , but I hate my inadequate nature to be of help! Can I build the SUPER HONEY EGG CUP. The super fraglistic ex be al a


Egg meal with Honey to mask the inadequate sources of food for the world! Building only my mind to a halt as to see the reality of helplessness in hunger, Old-age, SAVE the hungry somehow! Save

Save The Child!

Save the Child! Save the Hungry! Save the Baby! Save the Girl! Save the Boy! My Captain Oh! My Captain Oh my Capitan! You are who you are!

Chondroitin! ( A Love Child)

Song of Songs! You Chondroitin Child, Live Free!

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