Destined to overcome the rath of Nature and Man.
Destined to overcome the rath of Nature and Man.    split-decision stories

petervdanielsMaking the Journey, Damn good Butler,
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Don't take our cantankerous life experiences for granted their apart of the entirety of us!

Destined to overcome the rath of Nature and Man.

by petervdaniels

Stillness and silence are

relevant to maintain our connections, don't dollop the fat into our meals, set out to push the protein, squish that obediance to thyself and find the love. Yes! Find the love that is all around

Perpetuate the greatest

and the worst parts for the greater whole of are being and twist that fat in our favor, were are rolling stones incapable of finding our way without careful indulgences.

I'm an isolationist

Not for any one or thing I can't progress I must allways consider the whole me, my family the world, our neighbor I walk in the valley all the days of my life can't perpetuate!

We accept each other for who we are not what we will get.

We are conspicuous, we are vulnerable we are alone and afraid secretly. Can't I win ever or am I a displaced patch of mass ready to fall into the deep conspiracy within that holds on to us

Pitch a Tent and Sail!

Work the sunlight into your wellness your wellness into thew sunlight splash yourself with life waterer and separate the conscious things from the altered statews which can preoccupy the soul and

Pitch The Umbrella!

The Will. Love is Real!

Finding balance and the Spring

The Will, The Love, The Light, Is!

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