A Concpicuous God!
A Concpicuous God! live stories
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petervdanielsMaking the Journey, Damn good Butler,
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A poem, a sonnet, a story, a sensation, where is are will to be? Selflessness!

A Concpicuous God!

by petervdaniels

A particular show off!

Spending a lifetime wondering why early childhood experiences brought forth, colloquial ,

Introspection to a Bismarck

It's like God walloped us with our ungracious wanting bodies, organisms beset by the inner desire to have!

Introspection or Irony

So, moving on to a coloring book and paper, the order of things we are numbered, every hair, Egg, Sperm,

Croquet, Tennis, Anthropology

The hoops were merely an after thought, but then reality, and the Bulls horns poked and prodded.

No one outspoken, Just

The Queen of England stands firm, JII which of his presence I found total solitude, written in his walk.

Guitarist, Guitar,

Silly rabbit, you know the Rabbi, and priest is well grounded, Adore her, St. Mary

St. Mary!

Blessed is the fruit of your womb. Blessed be his most holy name . Blessed be you who carry the incarnation.

Blessed be you Accepting

Wondering, contemplating, is this your genius? ( Ewtn's Franciscan Univ. ) First last, Last first, breakable!

Mired, tenaciously

Motherhood, protectionism, mortal, immortal, congruent tribulations, Jewish, Hebrew, 2, 3, SHALOM! Colloquially;

St. Peter the Rock!

Belgium, Swiss Time, in perfect movement, blended like caramel. 12 Apostles, fortified, loved, expounding, Publishing, public, published, Fulfilled!

Conspicuous God!

Conspicuous God!

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