Hidden Beneath the Shell
Hidden Beneath the Shell stories

peterjeffrey Community member
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An intricate description of self and life challenges. Please do enjoy

Hidden Beneath the Shell

It cannot simply be explained, its complexity is derived from a corrupt world that tarnished its magnificent hues of transparent white.

Soon it was dark and hard, solidified and sealed, transformed into a defense mechanism, a place of wavering comfort, somewhere seclude and deserted, loneliness,

sadness and a great depression brought about by a cruel world only while having to learn how to be your own hero in order to save yourself.

A social construct, an unsound mindset, brought about by external influences, external penetration of words of harsh tongues.

It encased a developing embryo of one’s own self and defining what it is to be a “real man” hidden with a smile by day to night was a wary soul of contemplation of participation overwhelms

its shy nature only to be compensated by love…but rarely.

Extended to the heavens in a daze of moonlit stars, among the great abyss of the night sky under this shell a dreamer of the most intricate detail beautiful, whimsical,

magical bounded by that passion. Seemingly brilliant grand in statue, exhibited by a defining confidence unique and unmistakably to one’s self .

Within this new vibrancy, for the hues of great white light regaining its luminosity to the awe of a doubtful world FOREVER will it be that beacon of hope.

-Peter Jeffrey

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